Leduc requires strong, positive relationships with our developers.

(AEN) - I believe that we have some very good developers in Leduc, but we have had some problems in recent years in certain situations.

As one of the fastest growing municipalities in Canada, we need to have strong, positive relations with our developers as well as very good and open communication.

Residents are looking for responsible development.  In the past, residents have expressed concerns about aspects of some developments such as:

  1. Lack of concern about weeds and garbage
  2. Failure to comply with terms of development agreements
  3. Lack of early and clear disclosure about changes to housing forms being built
  4. Poor tree-planting practices
  5. Lack of enforcement of architectural controls
  6. Need for better coordination/quality control with Public works who have to take over maintenance of developed areas  
  7. The city not ensuring that developers are held accountable for all aspects of development

It is not fair to paint all developers with the same brush. Again, we have good developers in Leduc. But residents do have reasonable expectations that should be met in all cases, and this is where more focus needs to be given.


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