Celebrating and Promoting Local Business

(AEN) -We have an outstanding business community. Our business community helps make Leduc the great community it is. They generously and continually donate to all our local charities and as well as sponsoring many  teams, events and  facilities in Leduc. They provide employment to many resident s in Leduc, including our youth, in our community. (most people who live in Leduc work here too.)

I have written about this subject before in a letter to the editor in the Leduc Representative.   Because local business give so much and make such a positive impact on our community, it is critically important that we celebrate and recognized these on-going contributions.  

I believe strongly that we should do more to  celebrate and recognize local businesses. My view is that the City should provide some funding towards this initiative. The City could work with the Chamber of Commerce, the DPA and the EDA to develop a campaign to reward shoppers who support local businesses. We can also identify and recognize shop-local heroes in our community.  The idea is to make everything about shopping local a real positive, which it is - we have great shopping in Leduc!

In order to accomplish this goal, I believe that the City needs to have resources to move forward with this initiative. My view is that Leduc needs to get its own Economic development officer, to quarterback this program and other Economic development activities.  These would not be new funds, but would be funds reallocated from the current EDA budget.

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