City of Leduc Planning: What have demographics got to do with it?

(AEN) - Everyone knows that Leduc is growing!  Our population has increased to over 27,241 as at last census in June. But not only is Leduc growing, it's growing younger.  The influx of so many young families means that the average age in Leduc is going down!  In fact, as at June, approx. 8%  of the population was under 4 years of age or younger!

Young, growing families are looking for amenities such as parks, playgrounds, recreation facilities and spray parks.  They are also looking for opportunities for kids activities in clubs, arts, dance and sports.  One thing I believe is very important is providing families access to facilities that are free. All families, regardless of income level, need the opportunity to enjoy time together in parks and playgrounds, at outdoor skating rinks, on the multipaths, at the tennis courts or at the spray parks, as a few examples.

But young families are only one side of the demographic equation.  Let's not forget our seniors.
Yes, seniors also enjoy the multipaths and going to the parks with their grandchildren but, overall,  they don't use the facilities to the same extent. And seniors do  pay taxes that cover the cost of building, maintaining and operating all our civic facilities and infrastructure. Many seniors are on fixed incomes, so the burden of taxes can be higher on them.

This means a few things:  First, we have to be conscious of cost structures, and not to go overboard. Second, we have to give a big Thank-You to seniors because they are helping to fund the City for the benefit of so many young families and children.

A healthy City needs to re-invest from time to time, especially during high growth periods. But we're all in this together, and we have to make Leduc a City that is good for everyone and where everyone's needs are recognized and respected.

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