Surprise! New Poll Suggests Tight Race in Alberta Election

PC, WRP and NDP in 3-Way Tie

They're Off!

It is early days in the Alberta provincial election with a month still to go before polling day. Given that even a week is an long time in the political world, plus the iffy-at-best confidence Albertans have in polling numbers (for good reason) the current approval figures for each party should be taken with Sifto Canada’s annual salt production. Nonetheless, in a province where the Progressive Conservative party has reigned uninterrupted for over four decades and people expected them to simply stroll to victory, Mr. Prentice’s walk in the park has turned into a horse race with the dark horses seemingly leading or at least tied for the lead.

The Word on the Street

According to poll results from an April 9 Mainstreet Technologies report, the race is already being described in terms such as “volatile”, with rookie leader, Brian Jean’s Wildrose Party receiving 24% of support as the Prentice-led PCs has dropped to 21%. Rachel Notley’s NDP fortunes have leaped significantly to 20%; a statistical tie with the Tories, which includes an astonishing 40% support in the provincial capital. The PCs still lead in Calgary but only by the slimmest of margins.

Libs and Abs Miss Rising Tide

The only parties who do not appear to have made gains from the PC’s drop in popularity are the Alberta Liberals, led by newly re-installed leader, David Swann and the Greg Clark helmed Alberta Party. According to the Mainstreet numbers, the Alberta Liberals have dropped to 9% while the Alberta Party sits at the bottom of the standings, almost as if they’re  hoping for a great draft pick, with their reported 2% support. The results for the Alberta Liberals suggest the 15 seats Swan is hopeful of winning may only be seen with rose-tinted eyewear.

Polling Methodology

To get the results, Mainstreet Technologies polled 3270 Albertans and claims a margin of error of plus or minus 1.78% 19 times out of 20. The firm uses Interactive Voice Response methodology to gather their data.


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