Rachel Notley, NDP - Bio-at-a-Glance

Rachel Notley



Alberta New Democratic Party

April 17, 1964 in Fairview, Ab.

University of Alberta (BA in Political Science)
Osgoode Hall Law School

Pre-electoral employment:
AUPE representative for WCB cases
Occupational Health and Safety Officer for the Health Sciences Assc of BC
Ministerial Asst to BC’s Attorney General
BC Labour Rep
Labour Relations Officer for United Nurses of Alberta

Sample quote:
"My view of what’s happening is Mr. Prentice, and previously Ms. Redford, were simply taking marching orders from the (oil) industry, who are focused on maximizing their profits and doing so at the expense of creating jobs in Alberta or Canada. So we need to focus more on [bitumen] upgrading, diversification and long-term job creation. I actually think there’s a lot to be gained by working with other provinces. But I just think that right now we’re simply acting as an emissary for the oil and gas industry with other provinces, rather than focusing on true nation building."

Cropped Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Dave Cournoyer Flickr photostream, The Alberta Elections website nor this article was endorsed by the candidate. The original image can be located here.

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