David Swann, ALP - Bio-at-a-Glance

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David Swann

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Alberta Liberal Party

June 19, 1949 in Taber, Ab.

Doctor of Family Medicine: University of Alberta

Pre-electoral employment:
Farm hand
Gas plant worker
Hospital worker
Mission doctor in South Africa
Primary Health Care project co-ordinator in the Philippines for U of C
President: Alberta Assc of Medical Health Officers
Medical Officer of Health: Palliser Health and Headwater Health regions

Sample quote:

"What we’ve seen is a contempt for democracy by both the PCs and the Wildrose. I think many are outraged by this. There’s a tremendous sense that our democracy has been dishonored and discredited and people are saying, “I don’t believe in any of you and I’m not going to bother voting,” or, “This is a critical time to get involved and ensure that we get a strong opposition, if not a change of government."
I would call it a very interesting and dangerous time for Albertans, especially for the Tories, given they’re pulling a fast election and they’ve undermined the democratic process by reversing the committee decision on the Auditor-General’s funding."

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