Janet Keeping, GPA - Bio-at-a-Glance

Photo of Ms. Keeping Unavailable

Janet Keeping


Green Party of Alberta

(Date not found) in Montreal, PQ

Bachelor of Science: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Master of Philosophy: University of Calgary
Law Degree: University of Calgary

Pre-electoral employment:
Founder/Executive Director, Alberta Civil Liberties Research Centre
Researcher and educator for Canadian Institute of Resources Law (CIRL) at U of C
Director of Russian Programs for CIRL
President, Sheldon Chumir Foundation for Ethics in Leadership

Sample quote:
"With the price of oil having plummeted, it’s clear the government of Alberta has to increase revenues in the next budget.  The position taken by the official opposition Wildrose Party that cuts to expenditures will do the whole job is ludicrous.  The government needs to find about $ 6 billion.  The notion such a sum can be found by “trimming the fat” is simplistic and just silly.  Yes, the government wastes money – and that has to stop – but it doesn’t waste $ 6 billion a year."

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