Alberta Election Stories For April 15

Photo: Reflecting on the Alberta Legislature

Party Leaders Duking It Out In the Early Going

There is a real dogfight happening in the Alberta election, with poll after poll showing the ruling PCs losing support to the NDP and Wildrose forces. With weeks to go before the vote, it is still early days and we all know there is only one poll which really matters. After all, a week is an eternity in politics and there are still three eternities remaining until the ballots are counted on Cinco de Mayo.

PC Support Slip Sliding Away?

Still, there is a trend emerging from all the polling being done which shows the Prentice team now trailing even in their Calgary stronghold. This morning’s Edmonton Journal has an interesting election piece by James Wood including a skookum line graph that illuminates the new numbers.

Rachel Notley Profiled 

One of the reasons for the PCs poor polling figures is the dynamic leadership being displayed by Rachel Notley who, by all indications, spent a lifetime preparing to take over where her revered father, Grant left off. Ryan Tumilty, writing in the Metro News has an insightful peek into Notley’s leadership.

Brian Jean Resuscitates Wildrose; Calls Out Slush Fund

Not to be outdone, Wildrose leader, Brian Jean, is also making waves that are shivering the timbers on the PCs battered bow. After being given up for dead, the WRP has roared back to life and this morning dealt a solid blow to the PCs that Premier Prentice certainly felt, despite his attempt to shrug it off. A pointed story in the Edmonton Sun, written by Matt Dykstra, cast an unflattering light on the government when Jean revealed a $6 million slush fund for entertaining that the Tories had created.

AUPE Employees Fight For Electoral Freedom

Also in The Sun is a Rick Bell piece regarding an oppressive directive from Alberta’s deputy attorney general and minister of justice advising public service employees. The missive orders all provincial employees to tell their supervisors if they are working on any political campaigns in their free time. Don’t worry, though; the story does have a happy ending.

The Leaders' Agendas for Today

For a look at where the leaders will be today, Travis Dosser has a full reporton their activities courtesy of Radio 880.

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