Unsure Who To Go For In #Abvote2015? Vote Compass May Help

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Whose Side Are You On?

You’ve been reading the hard-copy papers, watching the TV news and listening to radio reports as much as you can but the positions each party has on the numerous issues of the day are hard to keep straight. What party supports a harmonized sales tax? Which leaders are against a Health Care Premium? Who is promising honesty? It can be so confusing.

CBC Has an Election Hack Just For Albertans

If you find it is hard to differentiate the positions of all the parties to see what one conforms most closely to your beliefs, perhaps CBC’s Vote Compass website can help you discover the best choice for your ballot in the May 5th election. Using complex computer algorithms and numerous conversations with the parties and with average Albertans, the Vote Compass knows where the parties stand on all the major issues. Site visitors simply have to answer a series of questions about Alberta issues. Depending on how you answer will direct you toward the party that best represents your personal beliefs.

Don’t Just Vote, Vote Informed

Although the Vote Compass can't remove the responsibility of each voter to educate themselves on their upcoming choices, it does provide an intriguing starting point. You may be surprised to find your beliefs don't match your past party preferences as much as you thought they would. Give it a try. What have you got to lose?

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