On the April 16 Election Trail

Cue the Beach Boys' "I Get Around"

We Hope Party Leaders Are Getting Paid Mileage

There is rarely a dull moment in a provincial election, apart from the speeches. With just a month of stumping thanks to the lack of notice given by Jim Prentice who broke the Tories’ own fixed election date legislation, the leaders are all swirling around the province like steroidal tourists trying to cover as much ground in a day as they possibly can. Here is where they were yesterday and where they will be today.


Red Deer Meat Meet

Rick Bell in the Edmonton Sun posted this story about Premier Prentice’s trip to the right-wing bastion of Red Deer and the red meat His Jimness threw out to the crowd. Bell’s analysis, in a nutshell is, “Prentice needs to pump some air into the Tory Tires”. Maybe he should consider using the tires from Danielle Smith’s comically painted election bus when she was pretending to be the Wildrose leader.



Memo Makes Prentice’s Brain go ‘Kaboom’

The Edmonton Journal’s Graham Thomson, meanwhile outlines the forces aligning against Premier Prentice which go beyond the other parties. At issue is the memo to all provincial employees demanding that workers’ supervisors must be alerted if any staff member is working on a political campaign in their own time. Apparently, the news caused the atoms in Prentice’s brain to go nuclear. “Kaboom” is how Thomson described it.



Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye


Meanwhile, over at the Metro, Ryan Tumilty discusses the punting of WRP candidate Russ Kuykendall for marks regarding gay activists. One can certainly understand party leader, Brian Jean’s touchiness around the subject of homophobia as many pundits blame the previous electoral loss to anti-gay statements from some WRP candidates. As a result, Jean obviously felt compelled to tell Kuykendall to go jump in the lake of fire.


Size Matters to Sun’s Gunter

Opinionista, Lorne Gunter, also of the Sun, penned an interesting piece on the stark differences between the parties on how they would manage the provincial workforce. According to Gunter, “The contrast among the three major parties in the provincial election over the optimum size of government couldn’t be clearer.



New Rule: WRP Floor Crossers Face Financial Forfeiture


Also in the Journal, Mariam Ibrahim looks at Brian Jean’s New Rule. Apparently, WRP candidates must now sign a contract saying they agree to forfeit $100,000 if they cross the floor to a different party. This policy is obviously a reaction to the mass exodus that occurred under Danielle Smith’s attempt at leadership. Time will tell if it is a gimmick or a good idea.

The Election is Going South

For an encapsulated outline of all of the party leaders’ electioneering efforts today, go to 630 CHED’s story with the straight dope on their public appearances. According to the story, the fab four are all heading south. Hopefully they won`t bump into each other as that would just be awkward.


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