Alberta Election Good For a Giggle

Humour is a Politician's Worst Enemy

Serious But Not Solemn

Although everyone knows that choosing our elected leaders is very serious business, there is nothing like politicians sniping at each other to inspire humour. When waggish wits who only mean to make us laugh, offer up an insightful chuckle that betrays a politician's weaknesses, it can be far more deadly to a political career than the basest insult.

Edmonton CBC Listeners Titter over Twitter

A great example is a rather entertaining piece on the "tweets" which CBC Radio's Mark Connely's Twitter account received after asking people to provide theme songs for the various Alberta political parties. This was following a Jim Prentice appearance which featured the profanity-filled Nickelback song "Burn It To the Ground".

Sage News Skewers Prentice For Breaking Fixed Election Date Law

"Jim Prentice Uncalls Election", is a satire piece on The Sage News website which is garnering a lot of attention, as well. The Alberta-based snicker site suggests that Premier Jim may have had a change of heart after reviewing the polls. 

Forget Sympathy, CBC Calgary Sends Out an Apathy Card

CBC is also involved in another election-centric humour offensive called #MakeRobCare whereby the CBC Calgary's radio morning show is endeavouring to convince an apathetic Albertan to vote in the upcoming election. The series was made much more cerebral with the addition of a vclass of Grade 4 students.

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