Returning Officer: Vote Tabulators New for Leduc Election 2017

Counting Ballots in the New Millennium

Leduc Election Exclusive

City of Leduc Returning Officer, Sandra Davis, is anticipating a much faster count for the Leduc municipal election on October 16 thanks to new vote tabulating equipment being used for the first time in our area. The vote counting devices bear the name “DS200” and are from Election Systems and Software; an election automation company based in Omaha, Nebraska.

In an exclusive interview with Leduc Elections, Returning Officer Davis seemed confidant the new technology will improve the vote counting process in a number of ways.  She discussed how the machines not only count the ballots but also automatically scan each one for incomplete or unmarked ballots, as well as spoiled ballots. These machines will still be backed by the security provided by the technology, as well as human scrutineers which nominees may still use to monitor the count. The machines can even tell if someone is trying to vote multiple times or “over-voting”, as it is called.

Ms. Davis added the machines will provide Leduc voters with results much earlier than in the past when manual counting methods were used. For more information on the DS200, click here.

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