David S. MacKenzie - Mayoralty Profile

Three Time Councillor Seeks Mayoralty

Greg Krischke was the only mayor David (Dave) MacKenzie has served with around the Leduc City Council table, despite being a three-term councillor. MacKenzie recognized Krischke was a beloved municipal leader and was happy to serve alongside the popular mayor. However, when Krischke made the decision not to seek the chain of office for another term, MacKenzie felt it was his opportunity to use his long council experience for the betterment of his community.

A Long Life of Service in Leduc

A resident of Leduc for over a quarter of a century, MacKenzie originally made his mark as a manager with CIBC; a company he was employed with for more than three decades. Throughout his residency in Leduc, MacKenzie has been actively involved in virtually every part of city life; from raising money for the Boys and Girls Club to being a major supporter of the Rise-Up Society, with a host of additional causes like the Black Gold Health Foundation, the World Sledge Hockey, the Canadian Ringette Championships and many, many more thrown in for good measure including:

  • Advocacy of numerous arts and culture events, groups and initiatives including as a reviewer for the Leduc Drama Society.
  • Board member for Maclab Society, Maclab Foundation,
  • Published two fiction novels.
  • Food Bank, Victims of Domestic Violence fundraising and founder of the Leduc and District Emergency Shelter Asssociation
  • Leadership in Multipath initiative.

Plans for the Future

MacKenzie has announced a number of initiatives he wants to promote should he be successful in his mayoralty quest. These include:

  • Develop a marketing plan using the Multipath to promote Leduc’s natural areas.
  • Minimize tax increases and reducing department budgets as appropriate
  • Publish recordings of council meetings online for maximum transparency
  • Improve the City of Leduc development permitting process to make it faster and more efficient

For More Dave Data

For a more complete picture of David MacKenzie’s local involvement and plans for the future, check out his website here.

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